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So Old August 21, 2017

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I just found my super old blog and had to change ¬†the name because I have two more children since I last wrote here! It was fun to read my old posts. Maybe I’ll write again here. Maybe not ūüė¨ But at least it has to right name now! ¬†Here is a current picture of my collective ¬†IMG_0447.JPG


a new name May 26, 2010

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Changed the name of my blog cause there are now four in my collective.   Not that I ever write here anymore.  Facebook is way easier but in case I ever decide to come back to it I would like to have the right info here. 

6244 Malzahn November 17, 2009

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Twenty some years ago my family moved from our¬† home in Auburn Hills to the very first house my parents every bought.¬† It was in this strange new place that I now affectionately refer to at “The Twp”.¬† Shelby Township for those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of living there.¬† My mother was 9 months pregnant and positively glowing.¬† If¬†by glowing you¬†picture¬†my mom with permed¬†hair, giant red frame glasses, huge red maternity shirt, tight stretch pant with matching red scrunched up socks and her white Keds.¬†¬†¬† Oh she was a hottie.¬† If I can find the picture I promise to post it.¬† I was 8 years old and I was not so much concerned about my very pregnant¬†mother, except on those occasions when she needed help out of the water bed.¬† I was still quite perturbed about her having a boy and not a girl like I wanted.¬† Sorry little brother but at the time I really wanted a little sister so I could braid her hair dress up.¬† But you turned out to be very fun. ¬† I was thinking about how very sad I was about moving, leaving all my friends, my school, my room and the only home I had remembered thus far.¬† Then I walked into my new room.¬† It was love at first sight.¬† It was at least twice the size of my “attic” bedroom and my parents, I am sure in an effort to make the transition easier got me this huge (well huge to me) double bed.¬† The first night in our new home I slept inside the frame of my new HUGE bed because we didn’t have my mattress yet.¬†¬† I can’t remember if we planted the “max tree” before or after my brother was born.¬† All I remember is that I can’t really recall a time it wasn’t there.

The other day on my way home from Hong Kong Cafe. My favorite Chinese restaurant¬†in the area, which just happens to be about a mile from my childhood home, I decided to drive by it.¬† A few years ago my¬†parents sold that house. The house I grew up in, the house I have had some of the best and worst memories of my life in.¬† Needless to say sometimes I get a little sentimental about the old place and feel the need to do a drive by.¬†¬† So I am driving around the “U” shaped street that I have driven down about a million times and remember trick-or-treating and riding my bike and getting¬†stuck in the snow driving home from college¬†and all those random things that pop into your head, when suddenly I have almost passed the house I had grown to love so much.¬† The first thing that threw me off was that the neighbors, Marie and Gunther, they’re German, cut down the 2 or 3 huge pine trees that separated¬†our two houses.¬† I used to have forts in those trees.¬† My brother used to hide from us in those trees.¬† Now there is just some grassless¬†hunk of land looking all sad and empty.¬† The house is a different color and looks very nice but there was just something missing.¬† Max’s tree!¬† We planted it in celebration of his birth and some crazy ax wielding¬†lunatic¬†just chopped it right down!¬† Yes, I picture a Paul Bunion type lumberjack coming to my childhood home with a giant ax to chop down a 20 year old¬†tree.¬† I almost cried!¬† Luckily, before the waterworks started I remembers that¬†before¬†my parents sold the house I took a sapling that had sprouted¬†up from that precious tree and planted in my yard.¬† It is healthy and thriving in our front yard and if we ever sell this house I am going to make the new owners promise never to chop it down.¬†

I remember one summer after my dad and brother had gone fishing my brother thought it would be cool to hang the caught fish from the tree…it was not as they say cool.¬† It was smelly and attracted flies.¬† Every special occasion we would take a picture in front of the tree. The¬†summer Dan took me to my first¬†wedding as¬†his date my mom insisted on taking a picture of us in front of the¬†tree in all our dressed up glory.¬†I remember me and mom went shopping at Nordtrum and¬†I thought oh this place¬†is too expensive, but¬†the dress¬†fit perfect so we bought it.¬†That picture is¬†hanging¬†in our living¬†room.¬†¬†Or sometimes it would be just a random Tuesday and nice out side¬†and mom would say, ” lets get a picture by the tree!”¬† We loved that tree…and now it is gone. I know it is just a tree but it still makes me sad to know it won’t be there 20 years from now so I can drive my kids by it and say, “See that tree?¬† That’s uncle max’s tree.¬† It’s been there a long time…since before you were born.”¬† And they would say, ” Wow, that ‘s a long time.”¬†

Anyway these are the thoughts that go through my head as I pass good old 6244.  Just wanted to share:)

A Little Slow September 22, 2009

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So for some reason I wrote about Jesse’s second birthday and then never posted it.¬† So here it is 3 months late…in case you were just dying to read it:)


June 16, 2009

Well it came and it went and it was all to fast if you ask me.¬† Jesse turned two yesterday and he will only get older from here on out.¬† How come no one ever tells you that they get big? I mean I knew he would grow but he is officially a toddler (shudder).¬†¬† We had a nice party for him on Saturday with family and friends that I consider to be family.¬† Jesse loved the Little Einstein theme and his favorite present may have been the SpongeBob blanket my brother gave him.¬† He shook with joy when he saw it:)¬† He was so excited to blow out the candles on his cake.¬† Which mostly consisted of him spiting at them.¬† I had to help him out.¬† I have it all on video but have yet to figure out how to put a video clip up here.¬†¬† Oh well.¬† On his real day of birth (yesterday the 15th of June) we had a fun day too.¬† First we went to see Dr. G (my chiropractor).¬† Jesse loves Dr. G because he has a table that moves up and down and Jesse thinks it is his own personal amusement park. Next door to Dr. G’s is the smoothie shop so we had birthday smoothies then headed over to Becca’s to have a play date with Anna.¬† Then it was nap time which I should have taken advantage of but I did not.¬† When he woke up we went to my moms to swim in the pool.¬†¬† This may have been his favorite part of the day.¬† I am so glad he is not scared of water.¬† For dinner we took him to Bangkok cuisine (Thai food) because he loves the hot and sour soup which he calls “rocket soup” which I explained in the previous post.¬† By the time we got home he was zonked.¬† Dan and I sang him the happy birthday song before bed and he had a giant grin on his face.¬† He was so¬† sleepy I thought for sure he would sleep in this morning.¬† But wouldn’t you know it…he was up at 6:30am again!¬† I do not enjoy this new wake up early thing.¬† Mommy needs to sleep till at least 7:30am please.¬† There’s just something about waking up before 7am that makes me nausous.¬†¬†¬† Anyway, I am of course happy that my child is growing and thriving but sad that time moves so quickly.

Lazy August 15, 2009

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I am just so unmotivated to write on this thing anymore.¬† Sorry, but everytime I think about it I can think of about 84 other things I could be doing.¬† Plus it is so much easier to update my status and upload pictures on Facebook.¬† But I will try my best to keep updating here:)¬† Here are some random thoughts I can put into bullet form…

  • Psyche is back on and this makes me happy
  • This is the last season of Monk and that makes me sad:(
  • Jesse likes to watch the little tv in the computer room with my giant headphones on….He is partial to Handy Manny for some reason
  • I am sooooooooooo beyond words gald to be done with summer camp.¬† It was, to say the least, poopy.
  • This has been such a fun summer with Jesse I am so enjoying his personality and how everything is new and fun to him.
  • They stopped showing Star Trek Voyager episodes on SciFi and I really need my seven of nine fix.
  • I miss Jen, and Ben , and sweet little Alison
  • I am waiting to hear from a lady about a new job…I would get to work from home which equals AWESOMENESS!
  • I feel like my house is never clean, even when I have just cleaned it.
  • A lot of the youth kids are seniors this year and they are getting their senior pictures taken….I took my senior pictures with my flags…how cool was I?!
  • I love PBS…my dad would be so proud
  • I had (well we all had) so much fun at my grandpas 80th b-day party.¬† It makes me wish all my extended family lived in the same state.
  • My brother is turning 20 in a few days, I remember the day he was born! I was playing my little ponies with a friend and my dad called and said, “mom had the baby”¬† I said, ” no, she didn’t.”¬† I didn’t believe him.¬† He was very blue and gooey when I met him.
  • I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school…when did I get old.
  • I have to shower now so see ya all when I get off my butt and write again!

My Baby May 31, 2009

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JRM 22 Months

JRM 22 Months

Jesse that is.¬† I often say, “Oh my baby” when I hug him and he returns with, “oh my mommy” and hugs be super tight!¬† I love it.¬† As Jesse’s 2nd birthday is fastly approaching (too fast if you ask me) I wanted to write down a few of the adorable things he does that just melt my heart.¬† He is so fun these days and Dan and I often say that if he could stay 2 forever that would be ok with us.¬† So here are a few things my sweet boy does at 23 months…

  • Says ok before any and everything he wants. For example if I ask him if he want yogurt he will reply, “ok, yogurt”
  • He has this “happy dance”.¬† It usually comes out when he is let out of the shopping cart or out of the stroller.¬† And especially when he see’s someone he really likes.¬† Like Grandma, Nana or any of his aunts and uncles:)
  • He apologizes when he accidental hurts us.¬† Like if he swings his arms or head to quick and smacks me or Dan in the “insert body part here”.¬† It sounds like¬† Saw-nee and it is so adorable.¬† Plus he usually says ,”Saw-nee mommy” or “Saw-nee daddy” How can we not forgive him?
  • He love classical music…I think because of the little Einstein’s but his favorite classical song is Beethoven’s¬† 5th Symphony in C minor…you know BA BA BA BUM! Jesse calls it the bum bum song…so funny.¬† We like to use different syllables like Fe Fi Fo Fum, or Be Be Be Bum you get the idea:)
  • We went to the zoo yesterday and he saw the turtles swimmingand walking around in the reptile house.¬† Jesse was enthralled.¬† Although he kept calling them frogs. ( think because they’re both green)¬† Afterward Aunt Karen gave him a stuffed turtle andhe carried it around with him all afternoon plus took it to bed with him.¬† This morning he was asking for his “frog” and for some reason it sounded like he was calling it precious.¬† So now Jesse has a stuffed turtle who’s name is frog precious apparently.
  • He thinks the name for the camera is cheese because we always say that when we take his picture.
  • He saw some geese the other day flying in sky and said, “BIRDS! Birds simming.”¬† We laughed then told him the birds were flying so he said, “oh, birds, fying.”¬†¬†
  • He repeats everything.¬† We are not a swearing family so it has not been a problem except when Dan says things like, “Ow my balls” (after Jesse has accidentally stepped on Dan’s “area”) and Jesse repeats, “my balls?”
  • He loves playing hide and go seek.¬† He will call out whoever or what ever he is look for then when he finds it will say, “er he is!”
  • For some reason “love you” comes out “lee loo”
  • yesterday he found of picture of Amanda, Lisa, Karen and I and was able to recognize and name¬†us all without help.¬† “Manda, Yisa, Kanin, and Mommy”
  • Back to the Bum Bum song he wakes us up in the morning singing “BUM BUM BUM!”
  • We get Thai food about once a week and Jesse love the hot and sour soup.¬† He has recently started calling it, “rocket soup” because there is a episode of Little Einsteins that they make soup for rocket.
  • Speaking of Little Einsteins…Jesse is obsessed.¬† He calls it simply, “einstein” and asks for it from sun up till sun down.¬† His favorite episodes¬†are “The Good Knight and the Bad Knight” and”Rocket Soup” because both have the Knight in them.¬†
  • He like to name everything he sees.¬† Like he is making sure that is the correct name for everything.
  • He is still a bit confused on colors.¬† He realizes there are different colors andthey have different names but he hasn’t quite grasped which name go with which colors, thus most things are blue or purple.¬† He must like those two name most:)
  • He really likes flags and points them out often when we are driving or out.¬†
  • An umbrella is a “brella” most big words are shortened to the last 1 or 2 syllables.¬† Phrases are like that too. If we say, “Jesse say see ya later alligator” it comes out “ater ayagator”

That is all I can think of for now.¬† Sorry if it is boring but I don’t want to forget these precious moments.¬† He is so amazing to me.¬† And to think a little¬†over¬†2¬†years ago I was a sleep deprived crazy person writing things like this. Well it did get better…Sooooooooooo much better than I ever could have imagined!¬† Here’s to loving your baby!

Hilarious May 12, 2009

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Um you have to go to this site.  You will laugh so hard you will cry and then you will be like EWWWWW.  


MDA April 28, 2009

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Check out this site www.joinmda.org/detroitsnr2009/marlowd¬†and help the Marlow family “stride and ride” their way to a cure!

Book Reviews April 21, 2009

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As many of you know I love to read.¬†¬†¬† A few months ago I finished reading the Ember books.¬† A very good series for a young reader.¬† (6-8th grade) ¬† I was at a loss as to what to read next so I picked up an old stand by “Out of the Silent Planet” by C.S. Lewis.¬† I love Sci-fi and Fantasy books in general but after I read the Lewis book I received a book as gift called “Family Driven Faith” and it has been a joy to read!¬† I highly recommend it.¬† It’s not only a good message but is very well written.¬† I posted about a book a while ago and although I learned from what the book was saying the writing was atrocious.¬† Anyway this book by Voddie Baucham Jr. is awesome.¬† It talks about putting family first on your priority list and teaching the Word everyday by living it out for your kids.¬† I am only about half way through it because on my way to work one day I randomly caught a book review and it sounded interesting.¬† So, I got the book and started reading it.¬† (If you don’t know this about me I am usually reading about 4-5 books at a time.) The book that interrupted is called “In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.¬† I cannot say enough good things about this book. It has encouraged me in my decision to only work part time.¬† It has given me a new found respect for mothers who stay home and take care of the entire family.¬† It points out the difference between the male role and female role in the family without devaluing either, “Masculinity and femininity are of equal value-let us learn to respect and embrace the uniqueness of each.”¬† (p. 89) This book has changed the way I look at “chores” and all domestic tasks.¬† I think as women we are told we can do and be anything which is great but I also think that if you just want to be a mom to your kids that is ok. ¬† When did it become not ok?¬† It’s a freaking hard job people.¬† Just read the book and you’ll get what I am saying.¬† Anyway if any of you have a book you’d like to recommend let me know.¬† Personally,¬† I am looking forward to this girls autobiography to come out:)

Disclaimer: My mom worked, Dan’s mom worked I do not think it is bad to be a working mom.¬† We turned out pretty fabulous and both our mom’s worked:)

KEK April 8, 2009

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These are the initials of one of my very bestest friends in the world.¬† Today happens to be Katie’s birthday!¬† Yeah!¬† You were born today!¬† I am so glad your mom pushed you out:)¬† I sent Katie a card with some jewelry in it because I can’t take her shopping or to lunch because she lives in BFC (that’s butt freaking California).¬† So I sent her a card.¬† Well she calls me to say thanks for the gift,¬† that I did a really good job on the jewelry and that I must know her really well.¬† I starting thinking about how well I really do know this friend of mine.¬† So in honor of the day your mom went through horrific pain¬† here is a list of 10 random things I know about Katie.¬† I hope you enjoy it!

  1. In college she decided to go from being “Katie” to just “Kate”. I do not conform and continue to be one of the only people besides her mom that calls her Katie:)
  2. She organizes her clothes by color.  How do I know this you may ask? Because we shared a closet and my side looked like crap while her side was a beautiful rainbow.
  3. She loves the color blue and her blue eyes get even bluer when she wears blue!  (did I use the word blue enough?)
  4. I had to pretty much stalk her in college to be my friend.  She would ignore me and not show up when we were supposed to meet somewhere on campus.  Yet, now she lives thousands of miles away and I talk to her at least once a week. (she usually calls me!)
  5. Personally, I think God called Katie to be a nurse.¬† I have never seen her “in action” per say but I think she has a heart for the sick and suffering and every time I encounter a good nurse I think of her.
  6. I am totally responsible for Katie meeting her husband because I stalked her (as I said before) so she finally gave in and came to InterVarsity. Which is where she met the love her life…Andy.
  7. She doesn’t like to drive over large bodies of water.¬† Which I find strange because she flies all the time and is fine but the less than 10 minutes it takes to cross the Mackinac Bridge freaks her out.
  8. She does not like the fan to blow on her at night. I figured this one out when she tuned my oscillating fan to non oscillating mode because it was waking her up all night long! (did I mention we were roommates….otherwise this one seems like we are sharing a bed or something. Separate beds people!)
  9. At my wedding Katie caught the bouquet and she was the next one of my friends to get engaged.
  10. Two days before Katie’s wedding day the ATM machine ate her card.¬† Why do I know this?¬† Because she was trying to buy me Chinese food from my favorite place and either her or Andy forgot the pin too many time and the machine was like yeah you’re not Katie Hice so it kept it. I felt awful to cause more stress on an already¬† stressful event and I still feel bad…please forgive me!

OK that’s 10 random things about Katie.¬† Happy Birthday!¬† Thanks to your parents for deciding to procreate for a third time! Hope you have a great day! Love you!